How to Prepare Government Exams and Interview Top Five Tips for Competitive Exam SSC UPSC IBPS Bank Exam PO Clerk

How to Prepare Government Exams and Interview Top Five Tips for Competitive Exam SSC UPSC IBPS Bank Exam PO Clerk 

How to Prepare Government Exams: Now a days there is more competition for getting a job in the both private and govt jobs in India. In India there are lot of graduates are unemployed, so this creates mental pressure among the graduated youths in Indian Country. Therefore they should analyse and study about How to prepare for competitive exams. 

You should work hard to crack the government entrance exams for getting good job in the fields such as SSC (CGL / CHSL), UPSC, IBPS Bank Exams (PO / Clerk). Your Parents, teachers, friends & relations will teach you about how to study for competitive exams.

Our provides you some suggestions about how to prepare for government jobs India. If you follow those tips, then you will surely crack those examinations easily. We will provide the complete details about succeed in both written tests and interview. It is required to understand the nature of the question in every written test and you should learn some tricks and tips about clearing the direct personal interview process.
How to Prepare Government Exams and Interview

How to Prepare for a Competitive Exam (SSC CGL CHSL UPSC IBPS PO etc):

1. Self Confidence: 

If the candidates who intent to get a govt job in India, then they should have strong self confidence. Anything may happen in the result of the government competitive exams but we advised you don't lose your hope and confidence. Keep trying again and again until you reach the success. 

After the completion of your degree, you got lot of pressure in your mind about how to get a government job because of the heavy competition. You should target the competitive exam that you want to prepare and collect all the details of that examination. Be strong, one day you will reach the height.

2. Create a Plan:

Each and every work without a clever plan will leads to failure. So the candidates are encouraged to schedule a smart plan before going to the preparation for the govt exams. First select a competitive exam and make research about it through the online internet. 

You should download the syllabus and exam pattern of the govt exam that you want to study. Collect all the necessary study materials such as books, past question papers, etc.., You must schedule the clear study timings every day based on the exam dates.

Create a Plan
3. General or Common Topics in the competitive examination: 

Most of the government exams for getting job uses the common topics in their syllabus. Some of them are given as follows, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General English, Verbal Ability.

(I) General Awareness: This topic is one of the commonly asked in all the govt entrance exams such as Bank Exam PO Clerk, UPSC, SSC, IBPS etc.., This particular section can be solved in less amount of time with little bit of thinking and strain. Those questions are designed to test the knowledge of the current events and to test aspirant's general awareness in the society. This topic includes the questions from History, Culture, Geography, Economic, Politics, Scientific research etc..,

(II) Quantitative Aptitude: Questions from this sections are the most commonly appear in all the competitive exams for government jobs. Time management is the important thing that the candidates should concentrate in this section and it is the key to success. You should keep the above things mind and think to act positive attitude and enthusiasm. 

Decimal & Fraction - Percentage - Ratio & Proportion - Square Root & Cube Root - Average - Simple Interest - Compound Interest - Profit and Loss - Discount - Partnership - Alligation and Mixture - Time and Distance - Time and Work - Surds and IndicesCalendarProbabilityPipes and CisternLogarithm - Boats and Streams - Trigonometry - Linear Equations - Triangle - Quadrilaterals - Regular Polygons - Circle - Right Prism - Right Circular Cone - Right Circular - Cylinder - Sphere - Hemispheres - Rectangular - Parallelepiped - Regular Right Pyramid.

(III) General Intelligence and Reasoning: This section needs only the usage of the general intelligence and thinking ability. Candidates should clearly analyse and picturise the date and rearrange to get the answer. Candidates should follow a good and unique technique for solving such problems. This topic classified into followings, they are Verbal General Intelligence, Non Verbal General Intelligence, logical reasoning.

(IV) General English: English language plays a vital role in the analysis of the candidates ability and skill. This section is designed to judge that how much a candidate is aware of the English grammatical & vocabulary knowledge, reading skills, spelling skill etc.., Candidates should learn some certain rules of various grammatical usages. Grammar is the backbone of the English language, so candidates should study the topics like noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposotion, conjunction etc..,

4. Practice Every Day: 

"Practice Makes a Man Perfect", this slogan applies to the Maths which requires lot of practice. You should solve previous year question paper and it helps you to judge yourself. Always know the reason for the answer that you provided and analyse yourself by checking the answer for each question from the answer key. 

You should note down all the shortcuts and techniques, formulas separately in a note book. You should go through that note book at the last minute of the exam, It will surely helps you at the night before the exam. You must revise all the portions before the exam and take rest at the last night of the competitive exam for the government jobs.

5. How to Face Interview for Govt Job:

Candidates who shortlisted in the written test, they called for the direct face to face personal interview. You can get the complete details about how to face interview for government job from our Indiagrade website.

It is very important to approach interviews in the correct manner. Candidates should leave the fear about the face to face interview and they must stay calm and focused. You should reach the concern place on correct time.
How to Face Interview for Govt Job
  • You should approach the interview for the govt job with self confidence without any fear.
  • You should have smart smile on your face while you meet the interviewer and don't forget to shake hands with his/her.
  • You should answer all the questions with positive mind set that the interviewer asks.
  • We sorted out some frequently asked questions in the interview, they are available below.

Tell about yourself? or Describe yourself?

How long have you been looking for a new job?

What is your weakness and Strength?

Tell some of your hobbies?

How did you prepare for this interview?

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