Ordering of Words in a Sentence PDF Download Verbal Ability Ordering Word Problems with Answers

Ordering of Words in a Sentence PDF Download Verbal Ability Ordering Word Problems with Answers

Ordering of Words in a Sentence with Answers: Order of words in a sentence is the important question asked in the placement interviews and competitive exams such as CAT, SAT, GMAT, UPSC, Bank Exams (PO / Clerk). It is vary easy to obtain full marks in this verbal ability aptitude ordering word problems. Ordering words alphabetically type of aptitude question is one of the most common question comes under the Verbal Ability aptitude topic. Indiagrade website provides some shortcuts and tricks for solving the Ordering of Words in a Sentence. Candidates are encouraged to utilize those examples to crack the interview and competitive exams. 

Word Order in a Sentence Worksheets Activities:

Q1: The Fundamental Rights are _________ 

A: of the proper sense of responsibilities
B: the first need
C: in a citizen
D: for the development

(a) ACBD
(b) BDAC
(c) BACD
(d) BDCA

Q2: She went __________

A: along the railway line
B: and had a right to
C: where other people not allowed to go
D: but her daddy belonged to the railway

(a) ACDB
(b) ABCD
(c) ADCB
(d) ABCD

Q3: Job is the thing __________

A: and without it
B: that is necessary
C: to keep the world going
D: we should all die

(a) BACD
(b) ACBD
(c) BADC
(d) BCAD

Q4: She said________

A: here is the dog
B: throughout the night
C: which had been paying havoc with things
D: that ate the rat

(a) ABDC
(b) ACBD
(c) BCDA
(d) ADCB

Q5: All such people________

A: get success
B: who are honest and hard working
C: and recognition
D: in very walk of life

(a) BCAD
(b) BDCA
(c) BACD
(d) BDAC

Q6: We should read _________

A: if we want to absorb the fruits of great literature
B: but with concentration
C: them not as we do cricket stories
D: undefined

(a) BACD
(b) BCAD
(c) BDAC
(d) ACBD

Q7: I read the news paper _________

A: posh, air-conditioned
B: gentleman of taste
C: are available for
D: fully furnished rooms

(a) ACDB
(b) ADCB
(c) ABDC
(d) ACBD

Q8: The unity of people ________

A: to make it impracticable
B: for there to be an arbitrary administration
C: depends upon a sufficiently even balance of political power
D: against a revolutionary opposition that is irreconcilably opposed to it

(a) CABD
(b) CBAD
(c) CDBA
(d) CDAB

Q9: If you want help ________

A: promptly and politely
B: ask for attendants
C: to help our customers
D: who have instructions

(a) BDCA
(b) BADC
(c) ACBD
(d) BCDA

Q10: Ramu knew that __________

A: and then to save himself
B: was to save all the lives
C: entrusted to his care
D: the duty of a captain

(a) DABC
(b) DBAC
(c) DBCA
(d) DCAB

Ordering of Words in a Sentence


Q1: (b)
Q2: (a)
Q3: (c)
Q4: (d)
Q5: (c)
Q6: (a)
Q7: (b)
Q8: (d)
Q9: (a)

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