Synonyms Questions with Answers Verbal Ability Synonyms PDF Download

Synonyms Questions with Answers Verbal Ability Synonyms PDF Download 

Synonyms Questions with Answers: Synonyms Aptitude question is one of the common question asked in all the placement interview and competitive exams and those question is comes under the huge topic of verbal ability. Mostly these type of questions are asked as multiple choice or objective type. Synonyms Aptitude Questions is some more complicated one, you will get full score by practicing the worksheet, question papers and other important quiz questions. Synonyms are the words having similar meaning. Candidates are advised to take more online synonyms aptitude test every day to improve their knowledge. Indiagrade provides you some repeatedly asked Synonyms Questions with Answers for your exam preparation.

Synonyms Aptitude Questions with Answers:

Q1: Ethnic

(a) Racial
(b) Patriotic
(c) Colorful
(d) Indigenous

Q2: Parsimony

(a) Bribery
(b) Bankruptcy
(c) Miserliness
(d) Expenditure

Q3: Intricate

(a) Assertive
(b) Complicated
(c) Illusive
(d) Puzzling

Q4: Tribulation

(a) Weakness
(b) Stimulation
(c) Palpitation
(d) Suffering

Q5: Literal

(a) Formal
(b) Verbatim
(c) Outdated
(d) Idealistic

Q6: Flaunt

(a) Exhibit
(b) Blame
(c) Cut
(d) Deceive

Q7: Exploration

(a) Execution
(b) Foundation
(c) Discovery
(d) Cultivation

Q8: Regular

(a) Large
(b) Big
(c) Small
(d) Frequent

Q9: Fortify

(a) Strengthen
(b) Racial
(c) Destroy
(d) Reproduce

Q10: Precinct 

(a) Priest
(b) Vicinity
(c) Preceding
(d) Religion

Synonyms Questions with Answers


Q1: (a)
Q2: (c)
Q3: (b)
Q4: (d)
Q5: (b)
Q6: (a)
Q7: (c)
Q8: (d)
Q9: (a)

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