Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF Download Quantitative Aptitude Formulas

Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF Download Quantitative Aptitude Formulas

Stocks and Shares Questions and Answers: Stocks and Shares aptitude problems with solutions are available in the indiagrade website and you can able to download it as the PDF file. Before going to the preparation of the Quantitative aptitude stocks shares aptitude problems, Candidates are advised to learn the basics concepts, meaning and formulas carefully and then they can work out the Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions. We provides the frequently asked repeated Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions with Solutions for your preparation. If you practice well, you will surely crack the competitive exams such as IBPS bank exam, UPSC, SSC etc..,

Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions Problems with answers:

Q1: A Woman bought 20 shares of Rs.50 at 5% discount ant the rate of dividend being 13. Find the percentage of interest obtained by the woman?

(a) 15%
(b) 40%
(c) 20%
(d) 25%

Q2: Prabu buys Rs.20 shares paying nine percentage dividend. Prabu wants to have an interest of 12 percentage on his money. What is the market value of each shares?

(a) 30
(b) 27
(c) 15
(d) 35

Q3: A Woman invests money in 9 percentage stock at 96 and partly in 12 percentage stock at 120. What is the ratio of money that she should invest to obtain equal dividends?

(a) 10 : 12
(b) 2 : 3
(c) 16 : 15
(d) 3 : 4

Q4: Saran invests 12,000 rupees in 12 percentage stock at 120 rupees and the remainder in 15 percentage stock at Rs.125. If his total dividend per year is Rs.1360, how much he invest in 12 percentage stock at Rs.120?

(a) 5000
(b) 3000
(c) 6000
(d) 4000

Q5: Vijay invests 1620 rupees in eight percentage stock and he earns 135 rupees. Calculate the stock then quoted?

(a) 96
(b) 80
(c) 75
(d) 102

Q6: A Girl invested rupees 4455 in Rs.10 shares quoted at Rs.8.25. If the rate of dividend be 12 percentage, then calculate the annual income?

(a) 738
(b) 800
(c) 748
(d) 648

Q7: Rama invested 1552 rupees in a stock at 97 and she obtained an income of Rs.128. Find the percentage of dividend from the stock?

(a) 10
(b) 8
(c) 7
(d) 5

Q8: A.R.Ganesh wants to obtain an income of 650 rupees from ten percentage stock @ Rs.96, How must he should inverst?

(a) 8548
(b) 4526
(c) 6240
(d) 6325

Q9: The market value of a 10.5 percentage of stock and income of 756 rupees is derived by investing 9000 rupees, then calculate brokerage in percentage?

(a) 123.45
(b) 145.67
(c) 156.78
(d) 124.75

Q10: Find the best better investment from the following, 11 percentage stock at Rs.143 or nine percentage stock at Rs.117?

(a) both 117 & 143 investment
(b) 143 investment
(c) 117 investment
(d) none of the abobe

Stocks and Shares Aptitude Questions and Answers


Q1: (a)
Q2: (c)
Q3: (c)
Q4: (d)
Q5: (a)
Q6: (d)
Q7: (b)
Q8: (c)
Q9: (b)

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