Sentence Improvement Questions with Answers Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Sentence Improvement Questions with Answers Verbal Ability Questions and Answers 

Sentence Improvement Questions with Answers: Sentence Improvement aptitude question is one of the important repeatedly asked verbal aptitude question which is asked in most of the placement interviews and competitive exams like CAT, bank exams, SAT etc.., Those sentence improvement aptitude questions is very easiest one to solve and you can get full marks in this topic. "Practice makes a man perfect", If you practice well than you will crack the aptitude exams. Candidates who are preparing for the interviews are advised to learn the rules clearly. Candidates should follow the prior tricks and tips to solve the sentence improvement questions. 

Sentence Improvement question and Answerrs:

Q1: Herself saw the thief.

(a) No improvement needed
(b) Selfsame the
(c) She herself
(d) She her own self

Q2: Freedom is the wonderful thing, for jimmy was eager to experience it.

(a) went down
(b) got over
(c) gave up
(d) No improvement needed

Q3: It became clear that the strangers were heading into a serious disaster.

(a) along
(b) on
(c) No improvement needed
(d) towards

Q4: The strong breeze blew his hat away.

(a) No improvement needed
(b) The strong wind
(c) The strong breath
(d) The strong air

Q5: When I was fourteen, I sat the entrance exam for high school.

(a) sat at
(b) sat in
(c) sat for
(d) No improvement needed

Q6: If you had told your problem yesterday, we might had helped you.

(a) would have been
(b) would be looked
(c) would look
(d) would have

Q7: Because of his mastery in this field his suggestions are wide accepted.

(a) are wide acceptance
(b) are widely accepted
(c) No improvement needed
(d) have widely accepted

Q8: She gave most of her time to music.

(a) spent
(b) lent
(c) devoted
(d) No improvement needed

Q9: The ship ran over when it crashed into an iceberg

(a) went down
(b) gave up
(c) got over
(d) went up

Q10: Twenty kilo meter are not a great distance in these days of fast moving vehicles.

(a) was not a great
(b) is't a great
(c) were not a great
(d) is not a great

Sentence Improvement Questions with Answers


Q1: (c)
Q2: (a)
Q3: (d)
Q4: (b)
Q5: (c)
Q6: (d)
Q7: (b)
Q8: (c)
Q9: (a)

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