Quantitative Aptitude Problem on Ages with Answers Age Based Aptitude Question and Solution PDF Download

Quantitative Aptitude Problem on Ages with Answers Age Based Aptitude Question and Solution PDF Download

Quantitative Aptitude Age Problems: Quantitative Aptitude is the important part asked in the all competitive examination such as Common Admission Test (CAT), IBPS Bank exams, UPSC exam. Problem on Age is comes under the Quantitative Aptitude and it is easy to score full marks in this part. To get full marks in the Problems based on age, You should follow some shortcuts, methods tricks, easy concept and common sense. 

If you follow those concepts, Candidates who are going to appear for the exam will crack their exams. Candidates should solve this type of problems based on ages, first make an equation using the given conditions and they should solve those equations by linear equations method. While solving those problems based on age questions, Candidates should keep in mind while they are solving present or past or future problems. 

Problem on Age Questions with Answers:

Some repeated sample examples on Age problems is given below,

Q1: In a Nuclear family, the average age of a father and a mother is 35 years. The average age of the father, mother and their only son is 27 years. What is the age of the son?

(a) 11 years
(b) 12.5 years
(c) 10 years
(d) 13 years

Q2: At present, the ratio of the ages of Prabu and Muthu is 6 : 5 and 15 years from, now the ratio will get changed to 9 : 8 Prabu's age is?

(a) 24 years
(b) 28 years
(c) 22 years
(d) 30 years

Q3: The average age of 11 players of a cricket teams increased by 2 months, when two of them age 18 years and 20 years are replaced by 2 new players. The average age of the new players is?

(a) 18 years 12 months 
(b) 19 years 11 months 
(c) 16 years 11 months 
(d) 15 years 12 months 

Q4: The ratio of the ages of Karthic and Srinath ten years ago was 1 : 3. The ratio of their ages five years, hence will be 2 : 3. Then, the ratio of their present age is?

(a) 2 :1
(b) 3 : 4
(c) 3 : 5
(d) 2 : 6

Q5: The ratio of the present age of Shankar to that of Raju is 3 : 11. Raju is 12 years younger than Raghul. Raghul's age after 7 years will be 85 years. What is the present age of Shankar's father, who is 25 years older than Shankar.

(a) 50
(b) 43 
(c) 34
(d) 38

Q6: The age of Pradeep and Murugan is in the ratio 2 : 3. after 8 years the ratio of their ages will become 3 : 4. Find the present age of each?

(a) 21 years, 16 years
(b) 24 years, 16 years
(c) 15 years, 22 years
(d) 16 years, 24 years

Q7: The present age of Prabakaran, Sundararajan and Vairamuthu are in the proportion 10 : 11 : 12, five years ago. The sum of their ages was 150. Their present age are?

(a) 50, 55, 60
(b) 60, 50, 55
(c) 60, 65, 70
(d) 45, 60, 80

Q8: One year ago, a woman was seven tomes as old as his son. Now, his age is equal to the square of his son's age. The present age of the woman will be?

(a) 43
(b) 55
(c) 47
(d) 62

Q9: Present age of Sundar is 47 years and his wife's age is just 38 years. When they were married, Sundar was exactly one and half as old as his wife. How many years ago they were married?

(a) 20
(b) 35
(c) 40
(d) 15

Q10: My grandmother was eight times older than me 16 years ago, She would be 3 times mu age, 8 years from now, 8 years ago, What was the ratio of my age to that of my grandmother?

(a) 1 : 6
(b) 4 : 10
(c) 1 : 5
(d) 2 : 8

Quantitative Aptitude Problem on Ages


Q1: (a)
Q2: (d)
Q3: (b)
Q4: (c)
Q5: (b)
Q6: (d)
Q7: (a)
Q8: (a)
Q9: (d)

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