One Word Substitution Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Aptitude Question with Answer

One Word Substitution Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Aptitude Question with Answer

One Word Substitutes Questions and Answers: Verbal Aptitude Aptitude questions is the commonly asked one in all the placements interviews and the competitive exams such as SSC, CAT, IBPS Bank exams, XAT, TANCET, GMAT, GATE. Generally this type of one word substitution question asked as the objective and multiple choice format.

Candidate are searching in the internet about "how to improve verbal ability aptitude". Candidates should learn all important words and they should memories those words, then only you will get good marks in the exam. Candidates must take online verbal ability test for getting more score in the competitive examinations.

There are many websites provides the example & practice one word substitute aptitude question with answer and there are many text books provides many important questions such as Arun Sharma, RS Agarwal, Sujit Kkumar etc.., we will provide some frequently asked aptitude One Word Substitution Questions with answers and you can download it as the eBook for practice purposes.

One Word Substitute Questions and Answers PDF Free Download:

Q1: A man who wastes his money on luxury

(a) Extravagant
(b) Surge
(c) Extempore
(d) Nymph

Q2: A Boy having no hair on the scalp

(a) Naked
(b) Gaudy
(c) Bald
(d) Hoary

Q3: One who knows many languages

(a) Popular
(b) Polyglot
(c) Panacea
(d) Polygamy

Q4: A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others

(a) Fanatic
(b) Democrat
(c) Bureaucrat
(d) Autocrat

Q5: A group of three powerful people.

(a) Tritium
(b) Trio
(c) Trivet
(d) Triumvirate

Q6: One satisfies his life for a reason 

(a) Martyr
(b) Soldier
(c) Revolutionary
(d) Patriot

Q7: Pertaining to cattle

(a) Feline
(b) Vermious
(c) Bovine
(d) Canine

Q8: A person studies mankind

(a) Physicist
(b) pathologist
(c) Philanthropist 
(d) Anthropologist

Q9: A person writes decoratively 

(a) Collier
(b) Calligrapher 
(c) Cartographer
(d) Choreographer

Q10: An apartment building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it but also containing shared areas.

(a) Multiplex
(b) Duplex
(c) Condominium
(d) Caravan

One Word Substitution Questions and Answers


Q1: (a)
Q2: (c)
Q3: (b)
Q4: (d)
Q5: (c)
Q6: (a)
Q7: (c)
Q8: (d)
Q9: (b)

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