Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Idioms and Phrases Aptitude Examples with Meaning

Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Idioms and Phrases Aptitude Examples with Meaning 

Idioms and Phrases with Meanings and Examples: Verbal Ability Idioms and Phrases Aptitude Questions are difficult question asked in all placement interviews and competitive exams such as CAT, AFCAT, CGL, SSC etc.., Candidates who are going to appear for the several competitive exams are searching through the websites to download the idioms and phrases examples with meaning as PPT & PDF file in English language. Indiagrade provides the idioms and phrases questions and answers related to the followings love, time, travel, sports, education, work, music, success, friendship, money and daily life. So Candidates can take this Verbal Ability Idioms and Phrases Aptitude Questions for their exam preparation. 

Tips to learn idioms and phrases: 
  • Candidates should understand that the idioms and phrases has no grammatical meaning. So you should not try to translate literacy meaning of idioms and phrases.
  • Aspirants must be aware of the more  idioms and phrases from the exam point of view. 

Idioms and Phrases Exercises with Answers:

Q1: She and her friend are sailing in the same boat

(a) sharing the financial and social condition
(b) being in the same difficult situation
(c) getting rid of the difficult situation
(d) sailing together in the same boat

Q2: The host team bore the plan in the league matches

(a) was victorious
(b) played a very boring match
(c) played quite well
(d) was defeated

Q3: What egged you on to become a social worker?

(a) discouraged
(b) hindered
(c) urged
(d) dampened

Q4: The teachers announcement to conduct a snap test came as a bolt from the blue to many students.

(a) unexpected
(b) imaginary
(c) heavenly
(d) forbidden

Q5: The project is carried over to this year and we need to keep the ball rolling.

(a) to do work
(b) to continue the work
(c) more information
(d) new strategies

Q6: Many politicians on India are not fit to hold a candle to Mahatma Gandhi.

(a) inferior
(b) superior
(c) in difficult
(d) equal

Q7: He bought him new house for a song.

(a) very easily
(b) at a loss
(c) very cheaply
(d) on loan

Q8: The failure of crops in successive years put the farmer in a tight corner. 

(a) in a meadow
(b) in a difficult situation
(c) in a small room
(d) in a closed room

Q9: The car in the backyard is providing to be a white elephant.

(a) costly and useless possession
(b) very expensive
(c) useful material
(d) very huge item

Q10: She is easily deceived by a man with an oily tongue.

(a) clever words
(b) sweet words
(c) flattering words
(d) angling words

Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers


Q1: (b)
Q2: (d)
Q3: (c)
Q4: (a)
Q5: (b)
Q6: (a)
Q7: (c)
Q8: (b)
Q9: (a)

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