Comprehension Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Comprehension Passages with Questions with Answers

Comprehension Questions and Answers Verbal Ability Comprehension Passages with Questions with Answers

Comprehension Aptitude Questions and Answers: Verbal Ability Comprehension aptitude questions are easiest one in the placement aptitude exams and competitive exam. There are many authors are present and they wrote good books for Comprehension such as Arun Sharma, Ajay Singh, etc.., Candidates should follow the tricks, tips & shortcuts to crack the comprehension aptitude test. These type of question asked frequently in the exams like CAT, UPSC, IBPS Bank exam etc.., Candidate are advised to prepare for their upcoming exams very seriously. We will provide some example practice verbal ability and reading comprehension questions with answers. You can also download it as the PDF fiel and eBook. Indiagrade provides all the information about the verbal ability.

Passage 1:

As a result of economic liberalization and entry of a large number of multinational companies into India the life of most middle class and upper middle class people in the last two decades of the present century has been characteristic by the artificially in dress, manners and conversation and elaborate surface of formality and grace covering amount of vice and a great deal of pain. As a matter of fact, many of them are indirectly following the rat race. Some out of them have a firm believe on the fashion of modern world. As id is competitive era, people are involve in getting the social status, financial power, other basic amenities of life at a pace.

Q1: It appears that the author of the sentence criticizes economic liberalization has   

(a) lack of naturalness
(b) lack of grace
(c) lack of formalities
(d) lack of mannerism

Q2: The period discussed in the sentence is?

(a) 1980 to 2000 AD
(b) 1981 to 2000 AD
(c) 1991 to 1999 AD
(d) 1990 to 2000 AD

Q3: It can be inferred from the sentence that the middle and upper and middle class people of the period lived.

(a) conventional lives
(b) affluent lives
(c) wicked lives
(d) very simple lives

Q4: Which of the following is not true about most of the mentioned and upper and middle class people of the period mentioned in the passage.

(a) They are formal
(b) They are wicked
(c) They are silly
(d) They are witty

Q5: The sentence lays emphasis on the fact that the economic liberalization  has

(a) made people artificially outwardly, without change in attitude
(b) helped the people dispense with their vicious behavior
(c) removed their poverty and raised their quality of life
(d) raised the standard pf living of the middle and upper middle class people

Passage 2:

Some prophets of doom assert that we shall soon exhaust the earth's resources or pollute ourselves to death. Optimists asserts that earth's systems are robust and that improved technologies will ease all the pressures on the planet. Others see the main concerns as political, with environmental issues carrying the seeds of inequality and war. Scientific understanding is too limited to say where the truth lies. If the care of the planet is a management task, our species is in the position of a child who has to fly a jet plane without knowing what all the switches and levers do. Indeed, scientific researcher have been done to lead the life in a comfortable manner. We are completely surrounded, so called Science. On the another hand, Science is itself a great boon or curse. People have started depending on it blindly. Although, it has provided us many new inventions, technologies and so on.

Q6: What does the comparison in the last paragraph of the passage convey?

(a) Our efforts to save the planet are childish
(b) We are ignorant as infants
(c) We, on earth, are inexperienced in managing earth's resources
(d) Most of the people do not know how to fly an airplane

Q7: The blame for the environmental crisis facing the earth lies with?

(a) Inadequate management of earth's resources
(b) rapid technological growth
(c) man's greed and selfishness
(d) pressures of over population

Q8: Which of the following is untrue related to Science?

(a) Many things have been provided out of inventions
(b) Science is a curse exclusively
(c) people are blindly depending on Science
(d) Human beings are leading a comfortable life cause of Science's invention

Q9: According to the passage, nobody knows the truth because

(a) there are very few scientists capable of research in this area
(b) people do not think of what the future holds for them
(c) objective analyses are not through or exhaustive
(d) scientists often are used by politicians

Q10: Which of the following statements is true according to the passsage

(a) sometimes political motives influence people's concern for the planet
(b) People will feel exhausted owing to the green house effect
(c) Men should feel responsible
(d) Wars will cause greater pollution on earth.

Comprehension Questions and Answers


Q1: (a)
Q2: (b)
Q3: (c)
Q4: (d)
Q5: (a)
Q6: (c)
Q7: (a)
Q8: (b)
Q9: (c)

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