Change of Voice Questions and Answers Active and Passive voice Exercises with Answers PDF Download

Change of Voice Questions and Answers Active and Passive voice Exercises with Answers PDF Download

Voice Change Question and Answer: You can download the repeated active and passive voice questions and answers asked in the competitive exams and placement interview through our Indiagrade website as PPT & PDF file. Candidates are advised to practice more active and passive voice examples with answers, then only they can able to get full score in this verbal ability aptitude part. Candidates should practice the active voice and passive voice exercises with answers every day to crack the competitive exams like CAT, UPSC, SSC, IBPS Bank exams etc.., 

Verbal Ability Active Voice and Passive Voice Questions with Answers:

Q1: He …….. at the airport yesterday. (see)

(a) is seen
(b) was seen
(c) were seen
(d) have seen

Q2: Nobody came to his help when she …… help. (need)

(a) needy
(b) is needing
(c) needing
(d) needed

Q3: Prabu ……… by next time when I reach India. (marry)

(a) should be / will have been married
(b) can have / will be married
(c) will have / will have been married
(d) have been / would have been married

Q4: After she .......... the child, the body ....... into the river. (murder, throw)

(a) have been murdering, was thrown
(b) has murdered, was thrown
(c) has murdered, were thrown
(d) has been murdering, was thrown

Q5: She is honest and so she ........... in the village. (respect)

(a) are respected
(b) will respected
(c) was respected
(d) is respected

Q6: A new house ......... recently by my uncle for personal use. (construct)

(a) has been constructed
(b) had constructed
(c) has been constructed
(d) has constructed

Q7: The students ........... at the moment. (punish)

(a) will be punished
(b) is being punished
(c) being punished
(d) are being punished

Q8: The letters ......... by pigeons even today. (carry)

(a) was carrying
(b) are carrying
(c) is carried
(d) was carried

Q9: The dinner ........ yet when our guests arrived. (prepare) 

(a) had not prepared
(b) had not have prepared
(c) had not been prepared
(d) has been prepared

Q10: The dead body ....... by his relatives to the cremation ground last evening. (bear)

(a) is born
(b) is borne
(c) was borned
(d) was borne

Change of Voice Questions and Answers


Q1: (b)
Q2: (d)
Q3: (c)
Q4: (b)
Q5: (d)
Q6: (c)
Q7: (b)
Q8: (a)
Q9: (c)

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